I write and perform with Mamahuhu, a cross-cultural comedy collective from the Middle Kingdom. 

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Dating Differences in China

Dating can be tough. Here’s what it can be like in China.

Weekend Getaways in China (Instant Regret or Relaxing Refresh?)

Real Talk. Shooting this was not as relaxing as it seems.

An Intense Guide To Chinese Drinking Culture

This one gets horrific, fam. Not for the faint-hearted

MAMAHUHU | Official Trailer

An splish-splash of the content we provide.

Expats Are Immortal

Expat life has its perks, yo.

ESL To Life

The team takes a deep look into ESL life in China, ya’ll

Can't Reveal My Age

Things get a bit messy in this one

How to Welcome Americans to China

Sometimes cultural misunderstandings aren’t huge misunderstandings.

Meeting Our Fans at Mamahuhu Live

So proud to host our first stand-up comedy show. We planned for only one show, but over sold the show, resulting in two sold out shows. It really shows the love and support from fans and friends. Looking forward to the next.


The team explores even more niche comedy with a parody of travel vloggers.


Things take a turn for some introspective feels in this one. New is the new old.

Can't Take A Joke

Everyone has a limit

The Laowai Tea Scammer

If you’re going to get scammed, try not to have it be over leaves

We Rented A Fake Chinese Dad

This one hits home

Interracial Dating Problems In China

The team gets together to produce our first film shot on Red Camera. Check out some of the dating struggles in China

Mamahuhu's Guide To Shanghai

Grab some popcorn for this one.

Walking Backwards (Ancient Chinese Health Secrets)

The Wellness Guru is back with the latest ancient Chinese health secrets

Street Cats of Shanghai

In the mean streets of Shanghai, sometimes you have to watch your meow-th

Never Wear A Green Hat in China (Unless You're Being Cheated On)

This one has some feels


It’s like GET OUT…but not

Hot Water, The New Superfood Trend from China

The secret to why I’m so amazingly healthy

Weird Chinese Products That We Can't Figure Out

The gang doesn’t know wtf is going on in this one, ya’ll

A Portal to Thailand

Mamahuhu goes to Thailand, and it’s dope AF

Siri with Sajiao Characteristics

The gang gets a little freaky deaky in this one, fam. Check it out. 

WeChat Groups in Real Life

Things get weird in this one, bruh. Check it out. 

WeChat is social networking App that almost every person in China uses. It's like FB messenger or WhatsApp, but a little more dynamic and a little more monitored by the Chinese government.

Trying To Get A DIDI (Chinese Uber)

It's tough in these Chinese streets, bruh. 


The Last Man in Shanghai

Watch until the end for feels, thrills and chills. 

The Gluten Intolerant VAMPIRE

A Very Mamahuhu Christmas

Sometimes you feel some type of way when its Xmas and you're in Shanghai. So, I wrote it down with Mamahuhu and they filmed it.