Director's Cut

Clean Bite

On Funny or Die (Halloween 2017) and Mamahuhu

A recently turned vampire, Carl, struggles to maintain the eco-friendly diet and humane lifestyle he once knew, while his demonic paramour, Veronica, questions their eternal relationship.

And when one of their hostages, Tolu, escapes being their dinner, he is thrust into a world of demons and diets, where notions of race and gender are served with gruesome ironies.  

1/2-hour dark comedy. 

Writer & Producer: Adam A. Hamilton

Director: Tony Xie

Cinematographer: Daniel Guillaro

Starring: Adam A. Hamilton, Sarah Boatright, David Agyekum, DeAnna Supplee, Joe Schaefer, Melissa Cesarano, and Alana Fu

Director's Cut

Extended and Translated (Mandarin)